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Nice Boy

The second officially completed Musicians Anonymous Cleveland song. I’d had a demo out there for years and years. The official version came out a little different yet partially the same. I think I finally learned how to use the recording apparatus because the quality is getting so much better.


Here is the first officially completed Musicians Anonymous Cleveland song. Take from it what you will. The lyrics are taken from the “Pod People” episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I believe you can stream it 5 times before Bandcamp will require a purchase. Is it a hit song? No. But, I enjoyed making it and have enjoyed listening to it.



In 1929, I wasn’t even born. At least, not in this life. So, I’ve got nothing to say about it.

Song for Dale

Dale loves this type of song, so it was written for him to enjoy.

Short Person (Uncensored)

Well, you write what you know. One thing I know is that I’m short, so I wrote this one from the heart. This version has a word that your priest wouldn’t approve of.

Short Person (Censored)

This version has that word replaced.

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